OUR Services

We offer customised solutions in terms of organisational development, quality management and health & safety. These contain the theorie and established methods as well as practical utilisation and implementation on site.


We consequently bundle the knowledge of each industry sector and best-practice with legal requirements and the one's of your customers - customised and scaled on your demands.


We work with you on solutions and speak your language.

Process Management / Organisational development

  • Analysis of business processes by workshops / audits
  • Creation / support of the documentation by state-of-the-art software
  • Support in defining and evaluation of  key process performance indicators
  • Evaluation of potential for process improvements resulting in increased efficiencies

Integration (IMS)

  • Integration of the requirements from standards, laws and customers into the process landscape
    - Workshops for the evaluation of the requirements
    - Implementation of the requirements in the company
    - Co-ordination with authorities, certification and approval bodies and partner companies
  • Cross-sector knowledge, e.g.:
    - Aviation & Space
    -  Automotive
    - Environment
    - Health & Safety
  • Interim management (temporary management)
  • Organisational and office management


  • Performance of internal audits and assessments
  • Accompaniment of audits performed by certification and approval bodies
  • Identification of risks
  • Recognise internal company potentials
  • Support with error analysis and corrective actions

Training / Coaching

  • Instructions based on legal requirements
  • Training of employees based on requirements of laws, standards and customers
  • Training of QM methods, e.g.:
    - Problem solving: 8D method
    - Quality planning: APQP
    - Risk management: FMEA
    - Conformity statements: FAI, EMPB, PPAP, EN 10204-3.1
  • Support (coaching) during the implementation in your daily business